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RATING: ★★★★✰

I’m going to cut to the chase with this one.

Upon Those Dying are everything that is right with modern Deathcore and their recent release ‘Delusions’ is one which is bound to earn the Cardiff based outfit well deserved recognition as a serious contender in the metal community.

Delusions is a stunning piece from start to finish, reminiscent of bands already dominating the metal scene like Thy Art is Murder and Black Tongue. There is a captivating energy in songs like ‘Backstabber’ that will leave you with a sore neck, mind-numbingly heavy breakdowns like in ‘Savage’, all of which are fused flawlessly with simplistic lead layers that seem to linger hauntingly somewhere in the background. Nothing is overdone, overworked or out of place which is a rarity in extreme or niche genres like Deathcore.

From my very first listen I realized that no matter how much UTD seem to ace a particular song, they continue to top it time and time again as you continue working through the album. So if you haven’t already, I strongly urge you to take a listen. Upon Those Dying are ones to keep an eye on, exciting things are on the horizon for these guys, guaranteed.



‘Ambience (Feat. Phillip Cross [Continents])’

‘Vague Memories’



Everybody’s got the groove curse

These lyrics taken from the iconic “Add the Bassline” are symbolic of exactly how you will feel after taking a listen to this EP, or any track Jordan Rakei track for that matter. This stunning fusion of authentic soul and R&B is sure to get anyone moving, whether you like it or not.

Rakei started out as a humble artist, recording beats in his bedroom and has quickly grown into a highly regarded creator, worldwide. I was very lucky to see him perform in London in October and despite having been an avid gig enthusiast for the best of nine years, this event was unlike any other that I had attended. People stood in silence, and those that didn’t were hushed quiet. It was like something of an art exhibition, all were there simply to pay homage to an extremely talented artist and speculate upon his stories and expression.

His second LP ‘Wallflower’ was released in September of this year so even if funky soul isn’t your regular thing, I would definitely urge you to give it a chance. Artists like Rakei are diamonds in the rough.


‘Add the Bassline’


‘Street Light (feat. Gwen Bunn)’


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Since its release in March of this year, ‘American Teen’ has blown up and taken Khalid soaring with it. To be just nineteen years of age, the proud owner of a hit debut album, nominated for five grammys and named one of the ‘30 Most Influential Teens of 2017’ by TIME is an incredible achievement and you can bet that this is only the tip of the iceberg for the R’n’B star.

I discovered Khalid while  studying on a rainy London night, flicking through various playlists via Spotify, simply because the idea of any form of procrastination was readily welcome at the time. The song that I stumbled across was ‘Location’ (a hit that Kylie Jenner herself has featured on her Instagram) and what made me pause from skipping ahead was the sheer simplicity and soul it contained.

As I continued listening on through Khalid’s album, I found that this ‘Less Is More’ approach was a recurring theme throughout his work. However, instead of being monotonous it created a rawness and sincerity similar to the likes of Frank Ocean and Chance the Rapper. This stripped-back version of R’n’B makes every word stand out, catapulting the listener into the calm and serene world that Khalid’s lyrics depict.




‘American Teen’


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Welcome to my blog!

If you have taken the time or interest to find yourself here then, hello and thank you!

My name is Natalya and my two favourite things in life are music and writing (excluding food, of course), hence why I have decided to finally take a massive step and share my work with the world, or anyone that cares for that matter.

Before I get to the actual music blogs though, here’s a bit about myself.

I am currently studying music business in university but my love for music has been with me since birth, practically. At two years of age I was already a fervent music fan, begging my mum to take me to see Westlife (not my finest moment, admittedly).

Since that point, my passion has only grown. I had the fortune of growing up in a variety of countries, surrounded by an array of cultures and music, from europop to arabic to country. Not all of it was to my taste, however, it opened my eyes to a massive world of music and expression that I just had to be a part of.

It lead me to dabbling in performance; writing my own music, gigging with bands, recording content, collaborating with my favourite artists. I also went on to study technology, taking on the role of the roadie, sound engineer, producer and live sound and lighting technician. And now I find myself experimenting with journalism, music management and marketing.

The more I learn, the more I want to know more and now I want to share that with you.

The content that I intend to share on this blog are things such as my favourite music, my thoughts on industry subjects, etc, so if you are interested in keeping up-to-date with my thoughts and feelings then be sure to follow my Instagram (linked on my homepage) and keep an eye on any updates!

Thank you.